At The Boley Rodeo

At the 121st Annual Boley Rodeo on Saturday, May 25th, “A Creative House” will bring art to the rodeo by hosting a shoppable pop-up art installation from 5:00-10:00 PM. Inspired by luxury retail and performance art, “A Creative House” is working with five Tulsa artists to produce custom, handmade wearable art objects that will be exhibited and available for purchase inside a barn installation, featuring lounge spaces.

The Boley Rodeo is the nation’s oldest African American community-based rodeo, beginning in 1903, and celebrated by the citizens of Boley and visitors from around the world on Memorial Weekend. The annual rodeo celebrates the historical significance of Boley, an all-black town, representative of many towns established by African Americans who migrated from the South to northern and western communities after slavery.